Website Marketing


Search Engine Optimisation

A dental practice website is needed to serve a number of purposes. Firstly, the website provides information about the practice and the team, as well as updates, news and advice, for existing patients. The website can also provide a means of communication and interactivity with the patients, enabling them to, for example, request or cancel appointments online, or express their feedback.

But, of course, a prime function of a dental practice website is to bring in new patients who search for a dentist in their locality, using Google or other search engines. Every website we design is, therefore, optimised to achieve the highest possible visibility on searches for relevant targeted keywords.

Search engine optimisation includes, amongst many other factors, the following important elements:

  • Setting Title and meta tags within the source code of the site to include the relevant important search keywords.

  • Ensuring solid relevant content, which includes within the text important targeted keywords.

  • Ensuring that the website is solidly constructed, with no errors or broken links.

  • Getting incoming links from other relevant websites, and including internal links within the site using relevant keywords.

  • Submission of the website address to Google and Yahoo once the website goes live.


Social Media Marketing

Social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter are fast becoming more and more important opportunities for marketing dental practices and increasing a practice's patient base.

Facebook in particular is a very important medium for marketing, as there is the opportunity to upload images, post news and changes and it is an excellent way to 'spread the word', so it can be considered akin to 'word of mouth' recommendations which, as every successful dental practice knows, is a prime method of natural marketing within a community.

We can help by designing customised Facebook pages, with a design matching your website, and also add links on your website to your Facebook page, encouraging your patients to recommend your practice to their Facebook friends.

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